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IAP-APA Young Investigator in Pancreatology Grant Application

International Research Funding Opportunity

Welcome to the 2023 Young Investigator in Pancreatology Grant Application!
Application Deadline: April 30, 2023


Date of submission: April 30, 2023
Date of notification: June 15, 2023
Earliest start-up date: July 1, 2023
Duration of award: 1 year
Amount of award: $100,000

This grant program is jointly supported by the International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) and APA Foundation (APAF) to stimulate and promote research among the next generation of international scientists. The preferred focus of APAF awards is in field of basic and translational research related to either pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer.

One meritorious application will be awarded $100,000 to support direct costs of independent research project.

This award is earmarked specifically for a recipient outside of North America because APAF offers other grant awards to scientists from North America.

Application Checklist:

Applicant information
Abstract (300 words or less)
Upload the following documents formatted with 11 pt Arial font and at least .5″ margins
Applicant’s personal statement (training, project and mentor selection, career goals)
Research plan organized along NIH format (Specific Aims: 1page: Research Plan; Background and Significance, Approach and Preliminary results: 3 pages)
Plan for mentoring, new learning, academic development plan (1 page)
Facilities & Environment (1 page)
References Cited (1 page)
Vertebrate Animals (if applicable, 1 page)
Protection of Human Subjects (if applicable, 1 page)
Investigator and Mentor’s NIH Biosketch (maximum 5 pages each)
Mentor’s support letter (1 page)

Budget justification is not required but this award may not be used to support indirect (F&A) cost reimbursement or provide salary support for the mentor.