About IAP

The International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) is a unique international organisation established in 1985. IAP provides a pivot and glues national and regional societies for the common cause of promoting Pancreatology throughout the world. It has a unique model where members of various national societies are accorded dual membership of IAP and the parent society. At present, it has >3500 members comprising of basic scientists and clinical investigators from 32 countries exploring pancreatic biology and pathophysiology in order to find newer treatment and improve outcomes for pancreatic disorders.

The major objectives of IAP are

Advancement and Exchange of Knowledge

To promote and encourage the advancement and exchange of knowledge regarding the normal and diseased exocrine and endocrine pancreas by organizing regular international meetings.

Encourage studies in pancreatology

To advance and encourage studies in basic and clinical research in pancreatology by providing opportunities for networking and a platform for collaborative research.

Publication of Journal

To publish high quality original research articles, reviews, and guidelines and consensus statements through regular publication of its Journal ‘Pancreatology’.

Promote Public Interest

To promote public interest in pancreatology.

Public Advocacy

To promote Pancreatology through concerted efforts of members and sister organizations..