Membership of the IAP is open to any person holding a medical or scientific qualification who has a demonstrable interest in the study of the pancreas. There are 2 ways to become a member.

Dual Membership through Affiliated Associations:

IAP has a unique model where members of various national societies are accorded dual membership of IAP and the parent society. To join the IAP, you must become a member of one of the regional pancreatology interest groups/societies/associations/clubs which have a formal relationship with the IAP. Under agreement with these groups, all financial members of the affiliated organisation shall also be deemed members of the IAP.

Individual Membership:

The second way to become a member is as an individual. You should apply directly to the IAP secretariat and your membership will be activated after due approval by the Council. The membership fee is only $20 under the individual membership

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  • Get complimentary online access to the journal ‘Pancreatology’
  • Regular newsletter regarding IAP upcoming events and meetings.
  • Opportunity to network with a large number of scientists and academicians for collaboration
  • Promote your research ideas/concepts/proposals through IAP platform and get endorsed by IAP for starting multi-centre studies
  • Be eligible for IAP research grants
  • Opportunity to serve the organization in a leadership role
  • Promote ‘Pancreatology’ through advocacy and support groups
  • Enjoy all the benefits of sister societies/organizations through dual membership